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AppLock - fingerprint lock & phone cleaner

AppLock - fingerprint lock & phone cleaner - maximize your privacy anytime, anywhere. Extremely safe 24/7. Lock your apps, facebook messages, Instagram, Gmail .

with application security lock, pattern lock, and photo vault. Support application security with fingerprints that only you can open (works on devices that support fingerprints).

Download App lock app, enjoy free app lock!

AppLock - fingerprint lock & phone cleaner also provides tools to help speed up your phone, making your phone more stable and powerful.
With the tools: fingerprint lock, phone booster, phone cleaner for Android for FREE!

Lowest power consumption and highest performance. The application is well designed to work for all Android phone and tablet devices. App developers are looking forward to receiving your feedback at Play Store!

Feature list:

* App lock- Fingerprint master :
Keep your app absolutely safe by locking any application with a password or pattern or fingerprints.

Protect your privacy to ensure that no one else can access your most used applications.
- Fingerprint password is supported on specific devices with fingerprint sensors.
- For other devices, we can support PIN code PIN or Password protection password lock application.

* photo vault - hide photos and videos
You can transfer photos and videos from library to photo and video repositories.

You don't have to worry about others seeing your private photos and videos with an extremely secure and secure application lock. Use security lock with app lock feature - fingerprint.

* Clean app- phone cleaner
Application is not just a phone protection.

This is also a phone cleaning and enhancement tool that helps clean up space on Android devices. Acting as a phone cleaner and booster, the application can remove junk and free up memory space for better use. It also has one-touch acceleration and cleaning that lets you clean cache and data and speed up your phone with just one touch! It with low power consumption and powerful operation designed for Android device phones.

* Hide notifications
Hide notifications you don't want to appear on the phone screen.

* Battery Saver
Stop battery draining process to save battery power for long time.

* CPU Cooler
Optimize CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature.

* Phone booster- boost mobile for Android
This feature is a professional Android enhancement tool, it frees RAM and speeds up memory by closing applications running in the background.

Maximum security makes your phone work faster and smoother.

There are also many other special features that we want you to download and experience.

We believe every experience can be something else. This is one of the reasons why we created this AppLock - fingerprint lock & phone cleaner
AppLock - fingerprint lock & phone cleaner are completely free professional tools to help you protect your privacy, phone cleanerlocker for all applications and smart applock!

You want to protect your privacy? Download and use immediately!